Number One Shiatsu Massage in Pleasant Hill

The origins of shiatsu massage go back hundreds of years and many continents. Beginning in Japan, this type of massage has been practiced there for generations. It has taken slightly longer to reach us here in Pleasant Hill. However, now that it has, it is easy to see why it has been considered one of the most popular therapies in Asia for so long.

Shiatsu massage is considered to be one of the most effective types of massage available. The word shiatsu means “finger pressure” and this therapy is one of the most effective ways of treating a wide range of health problems.

At Anew Wellness Spa we take great pride in the shiatsu massage treatment that we offer and work very hard every day to ensure that our high standard is maintained. If you are looking for a hybrid massage that blends the relaxation of a Swedish or hot stone massage with the healing and therapeutic qualities of deep tissue, then shiatsu could be the perfect option for you. Call today to schedule an appointment or to get more information from our team of professionally certified therapists. We’re here to help!

Shiatsu: Changing the Perception About Massage

In recent years, the reputation of massage has improved considerably. The explosion in popularity of shiatsu massage is one of the most important factors in this change of direction. For too long, massage was seen first and foremost as a relaxing luxury that few could afford or justify. This view of massage was pushed by spas and hotels that didn’t have the skilled therapists and advanced knowledge to offer wider, and more therapeutic varieties.

At Anew Wellness Spa we have noticed that our client base is expanding and changing year after year. Athletes with sports injuries regularly receive our services and the fact that most return for further treatment means that we must be doing something right. It is now common knowledge that regular massage treatment can help improve your health and wellbeing, rather than just leaving you feeling relaxed. Although, it must be said that our award-winning shiatsu massage will also do just that!

Not Your Typical Physical Massage

What sets shiatsu massage apart from many of its competitors is that it joins the physical, spiritual and emotional elements of massage into one effect treatment that will automatically enhance how you feel. By restoring both the physical and emotional energy within your body, your health and wellbeing will automatically improve.Due to these qualities, it is understandable that a shiatsu treatment from us can be quite an emotional experience. So, don’t be embarrassed or surprised if you suddenly feel the urge to cry or express a deep-rooted emotional outburst. Our therapists are trained to deal with these types of experiences and are here to help you work through them and leave feeling fully restored.