Best Body Wrap in Walnut Creek

People come to our spa facility for a wide variety of reasons. Some do so to take their mind off the stresses of balancing work and personal life. Others come for a much-needed relaxing getaway, while some of our Walnut Creek customers visit us simply to replenish and revitalize their bodies for the week ahead. Whatever the reason, by investing in a spa treatment from us you can rest assured that you will feel your best in no time.

Anew Wellness Spa prides itself on paying attention to the little details as we believe that this makes the bigger challenges easier to accomplish. This mantra is what we focus on when it comes to our award-winning body wrap. Upon contacting us, you will be asked a quick series of questions. The answers to these questions will help us determine what body wrap treatment would best t meet your needs. From there, we will do everything we can to ensure that all you expectations are met. Once this has been achieved, we will set to work on tailoring our service to meet your individual needs and requirements.

Natural Body Wraps

Natural body wraps consist of natural materials such as mud and oil being warmed and applied to the skin to help soothe and relax body and mind. The warm and relaxing nature of this type of body wrap also helps to improve circulation and can also detoxify aging and damaged skin. Finally, the healing nature of the materials used combined with the information gathered from our initial questionnaire allows us to maximize relief for any muscle aches and pains that you may be experiencing.

Hydrating Body Firming Wrap

This wrap is extremely popular with men and women who have recently achieved significant weight loss and want to firm up their skin and muscle tone. At Anew Wellness Spa this service includes a unique hydrating experience infused with strawberry and rose extracts. These natural additives allow moisture to comfortably penetrate your skin and muscles. This treatment is also the perfect way to improve cellulite deposits, fluid retention and capillary fragility.

Benefits of a Clay Body Wrap

The two main benefits of a clay body wrap are very straightforward.

First of all, the warm nature of these wraps improves circulation and relieves chronic muscles aches and joint pain. The type of benefit you are looking to receive from your clay body wrap treatment will determine whether a red clay or herb-based treatment will be advised. Red clay treatments improve circulation while the herbal type reduces inflammation.

Detoxification is the second unique selling point of a clay-based body wrap. Clay body wraps absorb and extract toxins from the skin. The nutrient rich nature of these wraps also means that any toxins removed are replaced and replenished with nutrients that are more beneficial to your body.