Swedish Massage At Your Walnut Creek Doorstep

If you are looking for a relaxing and revitalizing Swedish massage in Walnut Creek then Anew Wellness Spa is your only option. With the most skilled and experienced massage therapists, our award-winning Swedish massage is unrivalled. Add in the best oils and most comfortable and flexible therapy beds and you can guarantee that you are have found a winner. So, whether you are trying our services for the first time or are a returning customer, we are here to make you feel welcome.

Anew Wellness Spa guarantees to provide you with the perfect soothing massage experience that will leave you feeling your best in no time at all. Our famous Swedish massage will not only relieve sore and aching muscles, but it will also alleviate joint pain, leaving you feeling replenished and ready for whatever the world will throw at you. So, whether you live in Walnut Creek or are only visiting for the weekend, don’t leave Walnut Creek without giving us a call. Your weekend won’t be complete without us.

Why are oils used in a Swedish massage?

The oils used in a Swedish massage are chosen for their therapeutic effects. In essence, it is the aroma of the oils that causes this effect, so it is very important to choose the right oil. The calming effects created by the oils ensure that our Swedish massage is a truly therapeutic experience. It should be no great surprise that, in general, our therapists will choose herbal oils rather than generic options since they provide much greater healing properties. Our therapists are expertly trained at selecting the best and most suitable massage oils for each of our clients’ individual needs. Choosing the perfect oil for your massage is the most important step in ensuring the best massage possible.

Choosing The Right Herbal Oil

At Anew Wellness Spa we take what we do very seriously and that is why we always try to educate our Walnut Creek clients as much as possible about the benefits of our different oils. It is understandable that the majority of our first-time clients will have no idea which t oil to choose. However, we hope that by the time you leave us after your massage you will have a far greater idea of which massage oils work best for you.

One of the most important factors to consider when selecting an oil is identifying your type of ski skin type. Once our therapists have determined whatskin type category you fall into we can get started on selecting the right type of oil. For instance, a person with oily skin may suffer a breakout from being massaged with an oily lotion as it could further block their pores. On the other hand, a person with dry skin may benefit from a heavier lotion or oil.